a set of beautiful, authentic, rough cut citrine stud earrings that make the perfect november birthstone jewelry gift or keepsake. shop each size, from our bold, 1/2" studs, to our dainty 1/4" style, or even our 1/8" petite earrings for the minimalist jewelry wearer. these warm, playful orange citrine earrings have a gorgeous pale honey saturation that varies from specimen to specimen and thus, pair to pair. 

WS raw citrine stud earrings

    • authentic, raw madagascan citrine
    • surgical grade steel posts + backs | lightweight on the lobes
    • nickel + lead free | will never tarnish or rust
    • our raw stone earrings are hand cut + set from an authentic, single-origin specimen and will vary in saturation + cut
    • available in 3 perfect sizes | select from menu 
      • petite (sm) 6mm (1/8")
      • dainty (md) 8mm (1/4")
      • bold (lg) 10mm (1/2")