our raw black tourmaline statement ring enchants with its matte black sheen encrusted with shimmering metallic shards of raw pyrite. use it as a base in a stacking ring ensemble, boldly display it all on its own, or gift it away as a modern october birthstone gift. available in your choice of hypoallergenic metal and always handmade to order, each ring will be totally unique and vary slightly from photos.


this raw stone ring is made with 100% authentic stones and minerals that are never heat treated, dyed, or tumbled. always sourced from certified safe mines and single origin collectors, so that your customers can look good, and feel good about their purchase

WS raw black tourmaline statement ring

    •  authentic, single origin | n. american black tourmaline
    •  accented mineral | peruvian pyrite
    • 100% italian surgical grade steel | hypoallergenic
    • our steel is nickel & lead free | won't tarnish, turn or rust