frequently asked questions

how do I care for my raw stone pieces |  

we craft our pieces using high quality, solid metals with special attention paid to the integrity of our hardware. using small batch raw brass, 18 & 24 K gold, and mostly surgical grade steel, our selections for the metals we use are intentional and specific.  to ensure the longevity of your r|o piece please consider that we highly discourage sleeping, exercising or showering with raw stone accessories on.  any of our pieces are easily kept clean with a simple dry cloth, or a pulse of forced air. for a more deeply soiled piece, dabbing with a damp cloth and mild detergent is fine.  for further details on caring for your individual r|o piece(s), please see our guide to accessory care.


are your products hypoallergenic | 

the short answer is: almost always.  the majority of our pieces are embedded atop a surgical grade steel setting, chain, post, etc.  surgical grade steel contains less than 4% alloy, which means that the vast majority of r|o pieces and all of our sgs ear wires are considered hypollergenic.  however, allergic reactions are a unique individual response, so while we'd like to say that ALL r|o pieces feature metals that are considered hypoallergenic, unfortunately we just can't make that claim.  while we do cautiously vet our materials to include only high-quality metals, some pieces including our rings and a variety of necklaces do contain brass, which is NOT considered to be hypollergenic.  if you have further questions about the material makeup of any item(s) from our shop, please do not hesitate to contact us directly or view our materials page.


what metals are used in your pieces | 

raw opal uses only high-quality, nickel-free and lead-free metals in our products.  our selection of earrings, wristwear, necklace chains, adjustable rings, cufflinks, tie bars, and hair accessories feature a variety of metals.  a large number of r|o pieces will be made from surgical grade steel.  a great option for your favorite, no-hassle accessories, this material contains less than 4% alloy, is considered hypoallergenic, and will never rust or tarnish.  many of our warmer pieces, namely, a variety of our necklace pendants and adjustable rings feature small batch, rough cast brass.  some pieces are a brass base coated in 18K or 24K gold, so rest assured these will not rust, tarnish, or leave discoloration on the skin.  


are the gemstones and crystals used in your pieces conflict-free |  

raw opal takes its dedication and responsibilty to ethical product sourcing extremely serious, which is why all of our raw stones, crystals, and minerals are carefully vetted and sourced from safe, non-conflict areas and mining sites, as well as from single-origin collectors from around the world.  to learn more about where we source our materials, please visit our materials + sourcing guide.


can i request my purchase be gift-wrapped |  

yes!   every product that leaves our studio, does so in a cushioned, 100% post consumer box.  additionally, we offer a variety of upgraded shipping options, including gift-wrapping, custom, handwritten note cards, and eco-conscious packaging alternatives.  for more details, please take a look at our eco-chic gift wrapping.

*please note you will not need to add this product to your cart, you will have that option upon checking out.


what is your return policy |  

we get it, sometimes things don't quite go the way we expect and that's okay!  we gladly accept returns and exchanges within 14 days of receiving your purchase.  please take an in-depth look at our return, cancellation, and exchange policies here before initiating a return.  


do you ship internationally |  

how could we not?  we take great measures to ensure our stones are sourced safely from the finest, mostrich deposits on our planet.  sharing what we make with them is a global initiative for sure.  however, please be advised that additional delays, fees, and import taxes may apply.  view our international shipping policies here.


do you fix or replace broken or loose stones |  

we do our utmost best to ensure the quality crafstmanship of every r|o product.  due to the nature of our embedments, shedding is a natural byproduct of the fragmented makeup of our most popular embedment mineral - pyrite.  please note that this does NOT affect the integrity of the setting itself and is a common occurance with pyrite however, should you encounter any issues regarding the feature stone of your piece, we will repair or replace the feature stone for the life of the piece.  you can read more details regarding our replacement policy here.


contact | 

didn't quite find what you were looking for?  feel free to send us a message or email us |


can i request a custom piece or alter the feature stone on an existing design |  

at r|o 100% of our products are handcrafted right in our new jersey workshop.  many of our pieces are made to order, which means if you see an item you love but are wishing it featured your favorite stone,  or you're looking for a piece that is truly one-of-a-kind altogether, kindly send us a message with your request and we will do our absolute best to accomodate you.  please keep in mind that during peak wedding season, | april - september | we become quite inundated with custom order requests and may limit or close the amount of requests we will accept.  in accordance with our store policies, custom pieces cannot be returned or exchanged. 


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