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assigning certain precious and semi-preious stones personal, mythical, astrological, medicinal, or religious meaning is an ancient tradition interwoven throughout a sundry of cultures, civilizations, and belief systems.  first popularized in 18th century poland,  adorning oneself with birthstone jewelry and birthstone accessories now bears deep and meaningful significance and has gone from a whimsical trend to an entrenched praxis in the modern world.   r|o believes in preserving not only the sacred and beloved significance of this tradition, but also the purity of the stones which represent them.  see our raw birthstone guide below.


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some of our most sought after pieces, the r|o birthstone collection features up to 5 styles of raw birthstone accessories for each month of the year.   at the heart of each piece we celebrate the unprocessed beauty of 12 unique stones in their pure, organic forms.  whether you are shopping for yourself or a loved one, memorialize any birth month you choose with an exceptional, earth chic piece that you or a loved one are sure to cherish for a lifetime.  shop our raw birthstone collection here


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