about r|o

a b o u t  | 
welcome to raw opal where single origin, rare earth meets solid metal to make your look specific, intentional, and bold.  our raw stone pieces culminate curiosity and exploit a worldly appreciation for naturally beautiful, ethically sound accessories.  every r|o piece is handmade with the utmost attention paid to visual appeal, balance and overall wearability. 
these precious minerals and gemstones are literally who we are at our core; our shared planet has been a labor of love formed over billions of years through vast chaotic change. raw opal celebrates this chaos by making one of a kind raw stone accessories.

m i s s i o n  | 
we aim to reverence and preserve the unrefined integrity of what this earth has to offer with as little interference from our process as possible.  at raw opal, artifice is just not our bag, which is why you’ll find that each stone adorning our accessories will never be heat-treated, tumbled, polished, or otherwise manipulated.  we're not big on mass-produced materials, and thus work with many creative artisan production partners to ensure quality metals and hardware. every raw stone set in our designs are intentionally sourced from safe, non-conflict areas and mine sites as well as from single origin collectors. always 100% authentic, you will never see a lab grown or synthetic mineral or crystal in a r|o piece.  each small-batch design is hand-cut and carefully set to honor and emblazon the chaotic beauty where rare earth and solid metal meet.
o r i g i n  | 
proudly getting our start on etsy in 2018, we have gained the trust of that vastly growing community and have ever-lasting client relationships as a result.  2019 saw to it that the mission of anti-boring, never mass-produced, small artisan supported stone pieces made their way into the mainstream with our great success at larger local affairs where we caught the eye of a few businesses and the prestigious philadelphia museum of art.  you can now find our small batch pieces in their main store and in other small retailers all over. 
if you have made it this far, chances are, you are our people, and we’re so glad to have you. 
here we hope you find a shared appreciation for the unpolished beauty of raw stones, a conflict free, artisanal small-shop experience, and a piece of adornment that is as gorgeously unpolished and proudly unique as you are.
xoxo, r|o. 
live. life. unpolished.

b t s  | 
hi there. i’m michelle and i am the woman behind r|o.  i’ve been designing and creating for the better part of 15 years now, and take great pride in my skill sets to bring you versatile, high-quality pieces you will be proud to wear.
committed to living and leading a life on our planet with the least amount of negative impact, i devote my creative passions to displaying our planet in our everyday fashion.  designing and creating raw mineral pieces empowers me and charges my artistic prowess.  every day that i can wake up, hunker down, and sip my espresso while chiseling down some calcite or citrine, and design a gorgeous piece of art for someone else to wear, adorn, or live with and love, is a success. 
my love language may or may not be a smooth cold brew doused in caramel.  i am a proud pescatarian, non-conformist, and national + international tabletop gaming tournament winner. *curtsies*
music literally runs my life and deciding what to listen to each day is an exciting and never-ending challenge.  news and current events are my nerd-jam and i am sucker for art and maps of all kinds.  when i can scrape away free time, kayaking is an absolute favorite activity of mine. 
close friends and family are an extension of who i am.  growing up in the south in a non-traditional family unit has taught me that the best kind family is the one made up of the ones you choose to share your life with.  i am fortunate to say that my life is shared with some of the very best.
my own family unit is the molten core of my entire being and nothing grounds me more than my intensely intelligent son michael. he puts his prestigious stamp of approval on EVERY design, especially mommy's "rock earrings."  my fiance chris is equally a nerd, but more astronomically advanced than I with his very in-depth knowledge of how space, physics, and really everything ever, works.  he is the biggest r|o cheerleader and the brains behind my videos and studio work compilations.  we celebrated the birth or our baby adonis michael this past august 2020!  our family would be incomplete without hershey bar, our loyal chocolate lab (8 years old and my first ever baby) & fellah our vocal, completely gender confused, cockatiel whom we had the pleasure to adopt in 2018. he is also 8 years old. 
simply put, i am a caring and devoted friend, mother, partner, and business owner who is passionate about giving back something pure and beautiful to the world we all share.  i hope what i’ve done here sparks joy, creativity, and appreciation for the simple, yet remarkable things that life on this earth has to offer.
thanks for stopping by and welcome to the r|o family!
- michelle.


m e e t   t h e   t e a m  |   

at r|o we are fortunate to have a few of the greatest souls working with us to keep this business and passion always moving forward.  let us introduce you to our exceptional staff babes.


jill | operations + events lead 

the backbone of the r|o operation

a true OG, jill has infuenced just about every corner of r|o's operations with her magic.  from managing the day-to-day operations, to cutting stones, to scheduling our time and booking events, jill is an integral piece of our success and growth.  what's more, you'll likely catch a glipse of her rocking raw stone pieces on the daily, in our product photos, as well as during any of the events and fairs we attend.  she does it all and then some.

having lived all across the U.S., this georgian born, alaska-lived, hawaii familiar, now new jersey-an, is well-traveled and mom of two fierce little ladies.  board game connoisseur, kayaking obsessed, and in love with all things coffee, jill is the chill bad-ass of our company.

carrie | production lead

the free spirit and intense fingers behind our pieces

being our newest addition to the r|o female forward staff, carrie is our hardware expert.  being an independent jeweler for the better part of a decade, this multi-faceted, fierce human ensures the quality and functionality of every one of our designs.  with a light-hearted and free-spirited wit, she's yet another major branch of the raw opal family tree.

loving her fur baby, tahoe, she is also the nerd you want on your side in any dungeon crawler.  much like the rest of our staff, board gaming and role playing games are a piece of her soul.  also a talented actress, tattoo model and artist in her own right, she adds that spice of eccentricity to our babe tribe here at r|o.



whitney | social media liaison + marketing director

the curator behind the voice and online presence of r|o

whitney is the genius behind the r|o website as well as the witty, clever voice that's reflective of our mission and passions here. 

aside from championing the best of us for halloween costume supremacy, whitney is a wife, busy utah mom of two beauties, the owner of her own company, hyped party co., and still somehow finds time to help run r|o online.  being a night owl like many of our tribe, she also leads a life of awareness and concern for our earth. the perfect fit.



jenn | production + fulfillment 

the bts fingers and analyst 

being a creator and business owner herself, this master embroiderer, jeweler, and skull enthusiast is the newest addition to our team. we couldn't be luckier to have such a skilled artisan working on our pieces.  she brings expertise and true perspective to the r|o tribe. 

her company PrettyInShop showcases her incredible talent and love for all of nerd-dom. she, in fact, was our first custom piece and our first-ever bride!  we have since expanded our bridal and special occasion services immensely, and it's all because of one pair of custom raw opal bridal gauges. 



junebug | operations

the r|o mah and general manageress

june not just keeps us running smoothly behind the scenes, but she hand cuts our product cards, stamps our boxes, makes our luxury linen gift bags and so much more.  if there is some arduous, momentous challenge to cross, she brings the reality check and perspective we need to tackle said issue. 

being mom to 5 perfect children | r|o founder included |, and grandmah to like 9000 grandkiddies, she loves to garden, go antiquing, and is, at heart, a gamer like the rest of us.  she owns TheTuftedLoft, a luxury linens company where she offers hand-fringed fine, natural linens for a variety of household needs, like dinner napkins, aprons, runners and other sustainable homewares.  she is the boggle + scrabble connoisseur every business needs in order to survive.



caity | product photographer

the earthly and creative lens for our photoshoots

the face behind the lens on all of r|o product shoots, this incredibly talented photo-guru brings the vivid, crisp and creative visuals we come to rely on.  our look is one day your look and caity makes that pop!

being a creative herself, caity is a jane of all trades with her custom handmade wares, cooking prowess and green thumbs.  mommy to the coolest and equally creative little dude, caity blesses us with her impressive visual taste and is a r|o inspiration. 



chelsea of rosebud photography | photographer

the style and feel behind our look

with the spirit for all of the adventure raw opal lives for, chelsea is the high-end lifestyle photographer that ensures our looks are realized in our very earth-chic way.  her vision allows our clients to imagine how they will feel wearing a raw opal piece.

this boss babe is at the top of her game.  between working with countless other businesses, creatives, entrepreneurs, and magazines, chelsea is THE photographer to have in your corner.  the chicest momprenuer, her eye for fashion, love for art + the classics, and her bomb new studio place, makes us feel extremely lucky to be one of her VIBs | very important boss |.



m e e t   o u r   m o d e l s  | 

the literal canvas for showcasing our products, these impressive females bring the r|o aesthetic to life.


abby | model

our chic sophistication and conscientious feel

a longtime friend, cheerleader, and style inspiration for r|o, abby reflects the look and feel for the trendy, eco-aware individual that typifies our average customer.  you will find her lovely features as the backdrop for many of our newly launched products and seasonal campaigns. 

mommy to 4 fur babies - belle belle, kevin bacon, daisy, and rosa.  abby is a detail-oriented expert event curator, dedicated runner, halloween costume genius, and makes the worlds most delectable french macarons.



leanne | model

the zen keeper and overall calm of r|o style

being the calm and still presence needed during our chaotic photoshoots, leanne showcases our looks with grace and beauty.  

she is also an intensely talented musician.  she plays the xylophone among many other instruments.  her talents are top level!



bryanna | model 

the one to watch 

the old soul of our tribe and yet the youngest, this fiercely intelligent pre-med student has accomplished more in her life than most. with countless jobs, board gaming skills that are just simply unmatched, and a new home, how she has time to model for r|o is beyond us…

what we do know: this babe is going places.



meg | staff mannequin

lending her zany, breath of fresh air to our look

more appropriately named "the hair," meg is the blonde (sometimes rainbow) you'd see displaying our hair accessories.  with a whimsical and comedic charm, she's the unique palette we need to capture our looks both hair & otherwise.

with three mischievous tikkens at home, she is one of us uber-nerds who enjoy board gaming and role playing games alike.  also a talented actress, she is everything unique about our babe tribe here at r|o.


live. life. unpolished.