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about us

welcome to raw opal where single origin, rare earth meets solid metal to make your look specific, intentional, and bold.  our raw stone pieces culminate curiosity and exploit a worldly appreciation for naturally beautiful, ethically sound accessories.  every r|o piece is handmade with the utmost attention paid to visual appeal, balance and overall wearability. 

these precious minerals and gemstones are literally who we are at our core; our shared planet has been a labor of love formed over billions of years through vast chaotic change. raw opal celebrates this chaos by making one of a kind raw stone accessories.

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we aim to reverence and preserve the unrefined integrity of what this earth has to offer with as little interference from our process as possible.  at raw opal, artifice is just not our bag, which is why you’ll find that each stone adorning our accessories will never be heat-treated, tumbled, polished, or otherwise manipulated.  we're not big on mass-produced materials, and thus work with many creative artisan production partners to ensure quality metals and hardware.


each raw stone set in our designs is intentionally sourced from safe, non-conflict areas and mine sites as well as from single origin collectors. always 100% authentic, you will never see a lab grown or synthetic mineral or crystal in a r|o piece.  each small-batch design is hand-cut and carefully set to honor and emblazon the chaotic beauty where rare earth and solid metal meet.



proudly getting our start on etsy in 2018, we have gained the trust of a vastly growing community and have ever-lasting client relationships as a result.  2019 saw to it that the mission of anti-boring, never mass-produced, small artisan supported stone pieces made their way into the mainstream with our great success at larger local affairs where we caught the eye of a few businesses and the prestigious philadelphia museum of art.  you can now find our small batch pieces in their main store and in other small retailers all over.

if you have made it this far, chances are, you are our people, and we’re so glad to have you. 

here we hope you find a shared appreciation for the unpolished beauty of raw stones, a conflict free, artisanal small-shop experience, and a piece of adornment that is as gorgeously unpolished and proudly unique as you are.

xoxo, r|o. 


live life unpolished

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